More and more people are waking up to the fact that sitting for an extended amount of time each day is as dangerous to their long-term health as a pack of cigarettes a day – but now scientists and researchers are saying that it’s even more dangerous and deadly than that!

Recent research published across a variety of different medical journals (as well as mountains and mountains of anecdotal evidence) are pointing to sitting for up to four hours a day or more as one of the leading culprits in the major boost in instances of type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and premature death.

Scientists were always aware of the fact that a sedentary lifestyles impact on the human body (a body that has always been designed to move as much as possible), but it wasn’t until just recently that enough data became available to fully correlate the dangers that sitting for extended periods of time brings to the table.

Even worse though is that regular exercise may not be enough to reverse the damage that sitting for extended periods of time creates.

The average person spends more than half their day sitting on their backside (and it’s killing all of us)

According to information published by Science Daily, the average adult in the United States spends anywhere between eight hours and 15 hours sitting on their backside every single day of the week – with some adults spending even more time sitting.

The damage that is being caused is absolutely outrageous.


Those that report mostly sedentary lifestyles are being hit by type II diabetes at a higher rate than anyone else, are facing serious heart disease conditions at an increased rate, and are coming down with cancer faster than those that spend more time working out and remaining active. Scientists used to believe that the link between sedentary lifestyles and of these health risk increases was tenuous at best, but nothing could be further from the truth today.

Exercise can help reverse the damage, but it may not be enough if you aren’t getting enough every day

The very first thing that you need to do to reverse the damage that a sedentary lifestyle has already done to your body is to eliminate that sedentary lifestyle as much as humanly possible.

You aren’t going to be able to sit on your backside for hours and hours at a time and expect 30 minutes of exercise a handful of days a week to cut the mustard any longer. No, you need to make sure that you are spending a lot less time sitting down and a lot more time moving – even if it’s just walking for 10 or 15 minutes every hour – to slow down and reverse the impact that sedentary decisions are having on your overall health and well-being.

It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of exercising vigorously every single day of the week – at least one hour every day, even if it means getting up a bit earlier – or you’re going to be staring down the gun barrel of poor health from here on out.




In the United States, nearly 3 out of every 5 adults are considered overweight.  With this number increasing every year, more and more Americans are looking for ways to lose the weight and get fit.  If you are struggling with getting in the shape you deserve, then you are not alone.  Thankfully, there is an answer.

With summer some distance away, you can use it as a goal to get into excellent shape as reach your desired fitness level.  Let’s review the three things you need to do if you want to get fit for the summer.

1.  Find Your motivation

Studies in motivation show that why you approach fitness is just as important as how you approach fitness.  Typically, external sources of motivation do not keep us on target.  For example, if you want to get fit because you are afraid of what people think of you, then there is an increased chance that you will stop exercising due to a loss of motivation.  Instead of going with external motivation, use internal motivation.  For example, individuals who exercise because they believe it is important to be healthy and in their best interest often have an easier time staying motivated.  In the end, exercise for you first and others second.



2.  Identify Your Favorite Activity

Another key to getting fit in time for summer involves finding your favorite winter activity and fully engaging in it.  Winter activities usually preclude sports due to most team sports occuring in the summer months.  In addition, wintery conditions may make it more challenging to do things like walk, run, or bicycle ride in some parts of the country.  With that in mind, there are plenty of indoor activities that you can engage in both individually or with a group.  Find the activity that you are most inclined to do and make your fitness routine about improving at the activity.


3.  Create A Realistic Schedule

 With your favorite activity selected and the right frame of mind, you can begin creating a realistic exercise schedule.  Create a schedule where you can engage in the activity at least two times a week.  Depending on the complexity of the activity, you may have additional or fewer opportunities during the week.  Set cross training goals.  Cross training is when you do other exercises to help make you better at your favorite activity, like doing yoga on your own to make you better at group Pilates.  Lay out a schedule stretching to the summer, stick with it, and be amazed at how much you change by the time summer comes.


If you’ve ever wondered whether or not your mother got it right when she told you that an apple a day would keep the doctor away, we’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news.

According to research published in the alternative medicine journal Nature in 2001, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away – but you need to make sure that you are eating the entire apple, and not just the fleshy interior. Eating the apple as close to its natural form as possible is going to give you a big boost across the board as far as your overall health is concerned, but you need to make sure that you’re eating the entire apple (aside from the core) to get all of the health boosting benefits You’re after.

Cornell researchers highlight antioxidant boosting properties of apples

The study that the journal Nature brought to attention was originally published by researchers that had been working with the Cornell Food Science and Toxicology Department, one of the most prestigious food studies and science laboratories in the world and a major leader in research.

Scientists there uncovered that just a single apple (one fresh apple, right from the tree) was one of the healthiest things people could eat every day, especially since it included the equivalent of 1500 mg of vitamin C, a flood of helpful vitamins and minerals on top of that, and almost more antioxidants than nearly any other “hand fruit” out there on the market today.

Because of the way that the apple grows, you need to make sure you eat the peel

Apples really are powerhouse “super foods”, but it is mission critical to eat the outer peel of the apple to get all of the health benefits.

Because the apples are going to start off as seeds and then grow larger and larger inside of the Apple peel, all of their nutrients, all of their vitamins, and all of their internal health boosting compounds (like vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene) are all going to seep into that outer layer – that’s where all the magic happens.


Sure, eating a peeled apple every day is going to give you a significant boost as far as your overall energy level is concerned (thanks in large part to the natural sugar that every Apple has inside it), but you aren’t going to be able to really tap into the cancer fighting, disease crushing, and immune system boosting support that apples can give you unless you are consuming them whole.

Obviously, you’re still going to want to stay as far away from the core of an apple as you can (and there’s no reason to eat apple seeds, either), but everything else is fair game if you’re looking to take your health to new levels and avoid going to the doctor on a regular basis.

The cold hard truth of the matter is your mother (or grandmother) had it right. An apple a day really can keep the doctor away!